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Dixie Auction Company is North Florida’s leading Commercial Liquidator for over 18 years. We pride ourselves on our abilities to provide the public with a professional and personable atmosphere. From the strategic planning stage and marketing campaign, to the asset preparation and auction day labor, including a supervised controlled item removal process, Dixie Auction Company is a hands-on company, assuring that every detail is handled in a properly and professional manner. Our careful management of each and every sale leads to successful auctions, which often exceed anticipated revenues. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in auctions, commercial liquidations, bankruptcy cases and repossessions. Which makes for a very enjoyable and profitable auction experience.

About Dixie Auction Company

In 1988, Tom Thornton, Jr. founded Dixie Auction Company in Jacksonville, Florida. In 1989, Dixie Auction Company started working in collaboration with the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts and handles a majority of the bankruptcy sales in the northern part of the state. Dixie Auction Company subsequently obtained state and federal government contracts and expanded into bank sales. The first private company in the U.S. to handle a U.S. Navy contract, Dixie Auction Company conducts sales of surplus equipment at naval bases in Jacksonville, FL as well as many other bases including Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

For many years, Tom has auctioned both residential and commercial real estate for the U.S. Trustee’s Bankruptcy Estates. With his knowledge of the growing interest in the real estate auction industry it seemed only natural to expand into real estate sales fulltime. This influenced his decision to become a Licensed Real Estate Broker. Hence, in March 2006, Florida 1st Realty & Auction, Inc. was founded. This is a sister company to Dixie Auction Company, which solely sells real estate.


Licensed Auctioneer in:
   South Carolina
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Licensed Firearms Dealer


National Auctioneers Association
Florida Auctioneers Association
National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees
Florida Notary Association
Florida Real Estate Association


Attended Missouri Auction School in 1984
Sold Ford Dealership Franchise in 1988
Manager with McDougall Auctions in 1988
Founded Dixie Auction Co, Inc., in 1989 | First Auction July 1989
Attended Florida Real Estate Broker Course in 2005
Founded Florida 1st Realty & Auction, Inc. in 2006
Founded Thornton & Associates Appraisal Services in 2006